Portable Universe.

Specialising in new and refurbished laptops from manufacturers such as Dell, Toshiba & HP. Portable Universe maintain an approach of large quantity purchasing & selling with low mark ups, making them the perfect solution for the price conscious consumer.

Some people believe you can either have good laptops or cheap laptops but there are no good cheap laptops. This is false and Portable Universe are here to prove it. Computing technology improves and reduces in price more and more quickly and this means that second hand laptops are becoming more desirable, especially for the casual user.

£40.00 off apple iMacs
£40 off Apple iMacs £200 and over


30th December 2018

£25.00 off Apple Macs
£25 off Apple Mac orders over £350


31st December 2020

£20.00 off
£20 off orders over £150


31st December 2020