Rome and Vatican Pass.

The OMNIA Vatican & Rome Card is a sightseeing pass that gives holder free entry to top attractions in Rome and the Vatican City as well as a Fast Track Entry, a hop-on-hop-off bus tour, free guidebook and travelcard. Tailor-made for visitors to the city, tourists can save both time and money during their time in Rome.The Card has been designed to save you money on entry fees and transportation costs. At a one-off price, The Vatican and Rome Card will allow you entry into the Vatican City for free, as well as grant you free entry into two of Rome’s most historical sites, including the Coliseum and Roman Forum – among many others!

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** Top Attractions **

Free 3 Day Hop-on-Hop-off Bus Tour of Rome
Normal Ticket Price: €32
The best way to discover Rome is with a hop-on-hop-off city bus tour. See all of the city's popular and iconic sights from an open top bus and jump off whenever you feel like it to do some exploring. With 12 central and popular stops around the city it’s the perfect way to plan your day and sit back and see the sights!

See Michelangelo's world-famous Sistine Chapel ceiling, The Last Judgement, and skip the queues in the busy months
Free and Fast Track Entry
Normal Entry Price: €29
The Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel are a must-see when you visit Rome and they are one of the most renowned religious museums in the world. With endless displays of ancient art and sculpture, to frescoes and masterpieces by history’s most prominent artists, it’s one of Rome’s most popular destinations.

Free and Fast Track entry to the Coliseum
Normal Price: €12
Built over 2,000 years ago the Coliseum was constructed as an amphitheatre to host the city’s entertainment – and notoriously, the gladiator fights. It was designed to hold over 50,000 people and had a warren of underground tunnels as well as a hierarchy of levelled seating. The Coliseum’s main spherical structure still stands today and visitors can explore its hallways and walk up its steps to be transported back in time.

Free Audio Guide & Fast Track Entry to St Peter's Basilica
Audio Guide Price: €15
St Peter’s Basilica is Rome’s most famous church and one of the most important catholic landmarks in the world. As the holy epicentre of the Roman Catholic faith it’s vital to the history and culture of Rome – even to this day it is a place of global pilgrimage.

Free Entry to the Borghese Art Gallery
Normal Ticket Price: €11
The Borghese Gallery is an art gallery housed in the old Villa Borghese Pinciana. It exhibits an impressive display of the Borghese collection of sculptures, paintings and classical antiquities dating back 2,000 years. Surrounded by the beautiful Villa Borghese Park, it’s set in the perfect location for a bit of culture and quiet sanctuary from the busy centre of Rome.

Get Free entry to St John in the Lateran and the Cloister
Normal Ticket Price: €10
As the official ecclesiastical seat of the Pope, the Basilica of St John in the Lateran is the oldest and most important church in Rome (you wouldn’t have guessed it was ranked above St Peter’s Basilica!). It’s also one of the oldest basilicas in Western Europe, having been built in 324 AD.

See some of Rome's best art from the medieval ages to the twentieth century and learn about the city's art history and culture at the Museum of Rome
Free Entry to the Museum of Rome
Normal Ticket Price: €7
A stunning example of Roman baroque architecture, the Museum of Rome is housed in the Palazzo Braschi in the heart of Renaissance Rome and promises visitors an eclectic breadth of Roman art history. The museum was born with the aim to re-glorify the ‘forgotten ages’ by celebrating the city’s medieval and modern past. From the Middle Ages to the mid-20th century, explore Rome’s rich culture and history of paintings, furniture, ceramics and mosaics.

How does the OMNIA Vatican & Rome Card work?
The Vatican and Rome Card is valid for three consecutive days and is the key to your sightseeing adventure. Promising free, Fast Track and discounted entry to Rome’s most popular museums and monuments, this sightseeing package will save you both time and money on your trip.

Top Rome Tourist Attractions
The OMNIA Vatican and Rome card opens up all of the top attractions, museums and sights in the both Rome and the Vatican City – helping visitors save time and money.

Rome Metro Pass, Get Around Rome With A Travelcard
Rome is a great city to explore with an excellent public transport system to help visitors get around and make the most of their holiday. Getting from each popular attraction is made easy with the 3 day travelcard which comes free with your Vatican and Rome card.